Daily Natural Body Care Products I Live By

Mitra’s Bath and Body offers a quality , affordable line of products that not only cleans and nourishes the skin but also refreshes it with a beautiful natural fragrance. The product line contains ingredients from shea butter and grape seed oil to black soap and bentonite clay; all, of which, carry properties that improve the wellness of the skin.
My everyday products are the face mask, the White Citrus liquid African black soap, and the cucumber mint body butter. Besides the fact that the products smell so good, they are also soothing to the skin. The face mask heals any inflammation on my face. I apply it before styling my hair every morning and wash it off when my hair is done. The liquid black soap is a cleansing, calming body wash that alleviates any skin problems and manages any discoloration.  Finally, last but not least, is their cucumber mint body butter. This thoroughly moisturizes my skin. It has a pleasant scent that does not irritate. Also, since I love wearing perfume, I find that this butter blends well with fragrances.

6 thoughts on “Daily Natural Body Care Products I Live By

  1. Your suggested products sound great. I have been looking for products that are suitable for my complexion. Will I have difficulty finding Mitra’s Bath and Body?

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