Dior makeup, a pleasant surprise!

20170321_202533.jpgAfter seeing the photos from the Emmys, I began looking for a lipstick like Kerry Washington’s, and for some reason, I went looking in the Dior section of the department store. I never wear deep colors, but that deep reddish color looked amazing on her skin. The sales associate introduced me to Rouge Dior – Poison Matte, and that’s how my spiral into the world of Dior beauty began.

The Rouge Dior lipsticks are vibrant and powerful, and they last all day. My other favorite Rouge Dior lipstick is [Distinct Matte] for a soft nude look. For the changing weather, I apply Crème de Rose, a soothing, plumping lip balm. It comes in a compact, so I like to use a lip brush when applying. Its smooth texture provides long lasting coverage, and it can be worn under lipstick or by itself. Because I enjoy wearing matte lipstick, I wait a few minutes to put it on after the balm, so there is no glossy effect. For my face, I use Dior’s Capture Totale Dream Skin. This 1-minute mask takes a few seconds to apply and it dries in a minute. Then it must be rinsed off completely with water. I love how soft it leaves my skin. It brightens the skin and treats it because it contains salicylic acid (BHA), glycolic and citric acid (AHA), and flower acids. That may sound like a lot, but since I get blemishes and some acne around my cheeks, it is a perfect option which can be used 3x a week without irritating my skin.

When wearing make-up, I apply the Dream Skin Perfect Skin Creator before using any foundation or powder. If you are fair, you can apply this alone. I myself, would not do so because it would give me an ashy look. I make sure that I apply a nice layer on my face so that it tightens the pores and brightens my skin which really enhances my foundation, Diorskin Forever.

Overall, I am very pleased with Dior beauty. In the past, I only associated the brand with fashion even though I have known of the makeup, so the breadth of Dior’s beauty line was not what I expected, especially when I looked for products for black skin. Yes, it is pricey, but I have learned that buying quality makeup and skincare, instead of buying something that I, ultimately, end up replacing because I did not get the results I wanted, is actually more economical.

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